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TU Delft Solar Boat Team


The TU Delft Solar Boat Team consists of a group of 20 motivated Students from the TU Delft. Together we dedicate ourselves a year-long in order to build and race a solar boat in a ultidisciplinary team.

Last year we became world champion of the open sea in Monaco. This year we set the goal of winning the new Solar Sport One competition, for the advanced technologies it demands,
making us the all-round world champion of solar energy on water. This way we want to inspire the maritime industry and show the world that there are no boundaries when it comes to using
renewable energy.

The mix between student teams and commercial companies is the perfect balance to spark innovations in the maritime industry.

To beat our competitors, we cannot play it safe. We have to use our technical knowledge as engineers, to scrape off every gram of excess material, using all our energy to propel the boat forward as efficient and fast as possible.
By combining the creativity and technical skills from our team, in combination of the knowledge and experience of our partners we will educate the future generation of engineers and create a more sustainable world.


Team Manager: Lena de Rouw

Participation : 4th (Solar Class)




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