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TU Delft Solar Boat Team


The TU Delft Solar Boat Team is a Dreamteam from the Delft University of Technology. Our team exists out of 28 ambitious students of ten different faculties from the TU Delft. In one year the students of our team take up the challenge to design, produce and race with a fully functioning solar-powered boat.


To that end, this project provides students with hands-on working experience in a multidisciplinary team towards such an ambitious goal. During one year our students develop competencies in multiple disciplinaries, which will be beneficial for the rest of their professional career.
With this project, we want to work, together with the maritime sector, towards the next era: sustainable shipping.
There is still a lot to gain in this sector and by thinking and innovating together with the maritime world about sustainability we can contribute to a better, greener future.


Team Manager: Kristian Ruiter

Participation : 3rd (Offshore Class Challenge)




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