B&G Makes Announcement Regarding Zeus S Chartplotter

For the longest time, B&G has been releasing some of the most state-of-the-art electronics. However, its Zeus S Chartplotter is all set to deliver the most efficient way of giving exact information to sailors. Matt Eeles, Product Director, said that the company wanted to build something that can support shorthanded sailboats.

This was done by focusing on a simple operating system that does not require much time to adjust. This model comes with a pair of pre-set functionality modes for toggling between cruising and racing displays. Both modes have relevant data regardless of which type of sailing you want.


Ultimately, this has resulted in a neat and intuitive display. This system works with REVEAL X and C-MAP DISCOVER X charts. It has a Safety Alerts feature, which relies on chart data for the identification of objects that the boat might collide with.

Even when you are too zoomed out, you will be alerted of any potential danger. On top of that, C-MAP charts provide relevant information, such as auto-routing, projections about tides and currents, and more.

Kevin Steinbraker of Navico Group explained that the Zeus S works with the B&G App. This means that users can plan trips, remotely manage waypoints, and review routes from the comfort of their homes.

Sailors will enjoy easy connectivity, compatibility, and integration. In the future, there may be even more features to enjoy. After all, B&G can always update the software even after the product has been released. It is exciting to see what else the company will come up with.

The announcement mentioned that the Zeus S is going to be available in a variety of sizes. The screen will range from 7 inches to 9 inches to 9 inches.

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