How to Pick the Right Personal Floatation Device

You should not take it lightly when you are shopping for a personal flotation device. After all, this can make the difference between life and death! Keep the following things in mind as you choose a personal floatation device for yourself or other people:
For Little Kids
It is not easy to get a kid to feel comfortable at sea. If this is their first time at sail camp, pick something inexpensive that meets safety …

B&G Makes Announcement Regarding Zeus S Chartplotter

For the longest time, B&G has been releasing some of the most state-of-the-art electronics. However, its Zeus S Chartplotter is all set to deliver the most efficient way of giving exact information to sailors. Matt Eeles, Product Director, said that the company wanted to build something that can support shorthanded sailboats.
This was done by focusing on a simple operating system that does not require much time to adjust. This model comes with a pair of pre-set functionality modes for toggling between cruising and racing displays. Both modes have relevant …

Mariners Will Do Will To Invest In These Offshore Gear

After going offshore for a considerable amount of time, you learn to appreciate certain things. Here are several things that took me by surprise with how helpful they had been to me during my time away:
Fluffy Mittens
They might not be waterproof, but these knit mittens remain helpful. I was unbelievably glad to have them with me when the temperatures dipped to the 40s.
They kept me totally cozy despite everything that was going on at the time. If you are due north, you might want to bring the same …