Mayflower’s Historic Voyage Recreated

In 2020, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project was launched and the first full-sized, completely autonomous unmanned ship crossed the Atlantic.
The Plymouth University, MSubs, an award-winning yacht design company, and Shuttleworth Design collaborated on an innovative initiative to reenact the historic Mayflower travels from Plymouth to North America. But it was done in a distinctively high-tech way. 
The 32.5-meter-long Mayflower Autonomous Ship, or MAS, was entirely powered by renewable energy sources in addition …

Top Samples of Solar-Powered Boats and Vessels

When combined with onboard lithium-ion batteries that can store the energy generated by the solar panels, a solar-powered boat has an endless range. A boat driven by solar energy doesn’t need to stop for refilling as a sailboat does.
Solar-powered boats have evolved from novelty items on the sea to multipurpose watercraft. Here’s a look at the promising solar-powered vessels that are conquering the seas and the hearts of many…

Why Invest in Eco-Sailing Solar Boats in 2023?

Technology for solar panels and rechargeable batteries has advanced significantly in recent years. Panels are more effective, lighter, and stronger.
Batteries nowadays are lighter, smaller, and more efficient than they were in the past. Batteries and solar panels cost less and last longer than they once did.
Ultimately, the creation of solar yachts has moved from the realm of idealists’ imaginations to …