Webinar 2019-2020







14/02/2019 – Franziska Steidle-Sailer and Christine Funck – AQUON – ‘’ Redefining Sustainable Yachting’’

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03/10/2019 – Simon Brealey – LATERAL NAVAL ARCHITECTURE – ‘’The Evolution of Naval Architecture and Engineering’’

Topics of discussion:

– Marine & Mechanical Engineering demand for superyachts

– Moving away from tradition and how to use technology efficiently

– Some of the things affecting maritime engineering




09/12/2019 – Jérémie Lagarrigue – Energy Class Technical Questions

Two hours interactive live session where all Energy Class Teams asked their technical questions.


11/12/2019 – Erwan Grossmann – KAIROS – ‘’Biocomposites manufacturing process and environmental impact’’

Topics of discussion:

– How material properties have significantly driven the evolution of yacht design over the years.

– The evolution of mechanical properties of boat building materials has also been associated to an increase in their environmental impact.

– Alternative fibres, resins and core materials are presented, as well as their potential for environmental impact reduction.

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