Throughout the year, online exchanges are organized, allowing new ideas to grow in the minds of participants. These moments of sharing are the essence of the event, as evidenced by the organization of “webinars”, free online technical discussions led by professionals and open to all. These meetings maintain a precious link between professionals and candidates, allowing them to constantly access new information and thus feed their experience.



14/02/2019 – Franziska Steidle-Sailer and Christine Funck – AQUON – ‘’ Redefining Sustainable Yachting’’

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03/10/2019 – Simon Brealey – LATERAL NAVAL ARCHITECTURE – ‘’The Evolution of Naval Architecture and Engineering’’

Topics of discussion:

– Marine & Mechanical Engineering demand for superyachts

– Moving away from tradition and how to use technology efficiently

– Some of the things affecting maritime engineering



09/12/2019 – Jérémie Lagarrigue – Energy Class Technical Questions

Two hours interactive live session where all Energy Class Teams asked their technical questions.


11/12/2019 – Erwan Grossmann – KAIROS – ‘’Biocomposites manufacturing process and environmental impact’’

Topics of discussion:

– How material properties have significantly driven the evolution of yacht design over the years.

– The evolution of mechanical properties of boat building materials has also been associated to an increase in their environmental impact.

– Alternative fibres, resins and core materials are presented, as well as their potential for environmental impact reduction.

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